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* Song: Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg

* Students: Do a QUIZ to test your knowledge of literary terms, proverbs, idioms, and other academic expressions

* Walkin' After Midnight, sung by the country legend icon Patsy Cline (great to practice your stress!)

Academic Titles (for professors and students)

* Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria + Putin's Response (September 10, 2013)

* Science: Female Blogger Shocks Her Followers

* Cooking: America's #1 Comfort Food: Fried Chicken

​​* Business: Titan vs Goodyear France: Work Ethics and Cross Cultural Management

* ​Speeches: Obama's State of the Union Speech

* Business: Cognac Master Class==Impress your friends during the Holidays!

* Science: Mars Curiosity Rover==NASA's latest mission

* Business: Cyber Monday==Unfair competition?

* Songs: New York's Favorite Singer: Laura Nyro's Up On The Roof ==test your listening skills!

* Science: Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth that keeps coming back to haunt us==learn the vocabulary to speak about it

* The Foodie Generation==understand better this phenomenon

* Presidential Elections in Plain English

* Business: Disneyland...Happiest Place On Earth?==why does it remain as one of the most popular amusement park concepts?

* Science: Arsenic in Rice?==understand this new health scare

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