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On this page you'll learn more about this home selling trend while also learning how to describe your home environment

Watch the Home and Garden TV video and answer the questions:
1. What are the 5 important steps to homestaging?

2. What's the difference between homestaging and home decorating?

3. What is the end-goal of homestaging?

4. What does 'buzz' mean? or 'to have an edge over the other sellers'?

5. Why is it important to re-invent spaces?

6. What should you do if your furniture is not adequate?

7. Why is it important to clean closets, basements and attics?

8. Why is 'less' more?

Now look at the following 'Feng Shui' Tips for De-cluttering your house. Do you agree with them?


□ Assess your home objectively. Make a thorough list of what needs attention room by room.
□ Focus on removing clutter in each room. Ask a friend to help if necessary.
□ Begin with the kitchen and remove everything from counter tops.
□ Clean counters well and only put back what is necessary.
□ Be critical of pet food areas. If possible, keep dishes/bowls outside.
□ Remove everything from bathroom counter tops. Clean thoroughly. Put only three items back.
□ Have a clothes hamper with a lid for laundry items.
□ Hang towels neatly and open a window after showering.
□ Explain to all family memebers about keeping toilet lids down.
□ Keep laundry areas uncluttered. All soaps in cupboards or out of sight.
□ Have a storage bin for children’s toys.
□ Decide if interior painting is needed. (Pre-wash with detergent)
□ Only put the absolute minimum of pictures back on walls.
□ Clean off the dining room table. Place fresh flowers or simple centerpiece.
□ Remove all excess clutter, including newspapers and magazines from family and living room areas.
□ Visually camouflage all electric cords.
□ Store away any unnecessary furniture.
□ Keep blinds up for sunshine and several windows slightly open for ventilation.
□ Have all windows washed (professionally, or do this yourself).
□ Have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized for smoking, pet odors, or general soil.