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The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer is a regular publication of the Tourism Trends and Marketing Strategies Programme of UNWTO aimed at monitoring the short-term evolution of tourism and providing the sector with relevant and timely information.Read the following report and make comments. Scroll down to watch the video about the 50 best tourist countries and the 10 worst in the world. Do you agree? Which one(s) would you like to go to first? Why?
Click on the PDF file icon below to get the statistics of tourist receipts from the 50 most popular tourism countries in the world! Are you surprised by the ranking?
Just because a destination is compelling or popular doesn't make it tourist friendly. A geological feature, an abandoned castle or a wildlife refuge can put a region or a country on the map, but it won't criss-cross that map with the roads needed to get visitors from Hotel A to Lookout B and it can't guarantee that locals will be friendly to foreigners. A new study from the World Economic Forum shows that many countries don't have what athletic coaches often refer to as "intangibles," the hard to measure stuff that makes up the space between mediocre and great.

The WEF'sTravel and Tourism Report tosses around a lot of numbers as it tries to rank the success of the tourist industry in every nation on Earth, but the numbers that prove most interesting are the measures of "Affinity for Travel and Tourism," which chart various peoples' attitudes toward foreigners within the context of tourism's economic impact on their countries. By leveling the playing ground -- the "affinity" score doesn't take into account whether there is anything in a country actually worth visiting -- the report gives a rare view into which countries actually care about the tourists they attract.

And the countries that rank at the bottom for "Affinity" aren't all war torn or sub-Saharan. A Caribbean beach destination and a European power are among the 20 worst performers. China, meanwhile, came in with the 11th worst score overall, narrowly beating out Chad in the service department.

What does this mean for travelers? Visitors to the ten countries listed in the videos--which ranked among the worst--may see beautiful sites, experience lovely weather and have a great time, but if they don't their complaints may fall on deaf ears.